Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Netflix Comes Through: Titanic the Movie Edition

Unless this is a cruel April Fool's joke, Netflix has returned Titanic to its line up.  The time couldn't be better.  As I wrote two days ago, I recently attended a lavish recreation of the last first class dinner on the Titanic.

The night before the dinner, we had all sat down to watch Titanic the movie,  If you are my age (30) you probably remember it coming out in middle school.  You probably saw it once, or twice, or if you're like my dad, 12 times (no joke).  For all the "I'm the king of the world!" silliness, it's actually a pretty good movie.  Like I said earlier, the juxtaposition of all those leaders of industry, luxuriously sailing on their unsinkable ship, sinking into the ocean is very compelling.

I noticed another thing watching the movie: the Part.  Worn by the insufferable aristocrat Billy Zane:

"Isn't it beautiful Rose?  It's as if Moses himself parted it."

And the charming rapscallion Leonardo Dicaprio:

"I'm too free spirited cut my hair"

The Part definitely was in style in the late 90's.  I wore it myself, though I never remember any girls like Kate Winslet being attracted to it.

My favorite scene, without a doubt, is when the guy sees the iceberg that will doom the ship and yells, "Iceberg!  Right ahead!" in this awesome British accent.  I've tried recreating that accent thousands of times without success.  To get to that scene, you have to suffer through most of the Jack and Rose romance.  And our DVD froze right after the infamous "Let me take off my clothes so you can draw me" scene, and right before the "Lets fog up the windows in the backseat of a car" scene.  Both of those scenes, incidentally, had a profound impact on my understanding of human sexuality in middle school.

Alas, the DVD froze.  I never got to hear the guy yell "Iceberg!  Right ahead!" so I had to say it out loud a half dozen times and then Youtube it a half dozen more.  So thanks Netflix, for putting Titanic back online.

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