Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dilated Eyes

A visit to the optometrist seems an unlikely place provide an ego boost, yet it never fails to do so. Whenever I go to the eye doctor, he acts me to do a lot of simple tasks, and then praises me for preforming them.   In a world of increasingly high expectations, the eye doctor has kept his standards refreshingly low.

"Look left." he asks.  No problem.   "That's it, very nice."

"Look left and up."  I got this.  "Perfect."

"Look up."  Easiest one yet.  "That's great!"

While it's true that my eye control is magnificent, the guy is completely, 100% earnest in his praise.  And he doesn't stop.  "Your eyes are very stable.  Very stable.  I'm very happy to see that," he says, and I beam with pride.  All this makes the dilution eye drops bearable.

How I think my eyes look with pupils dilated.
How I actually look. 
My eyes aren't even very good.  I wear contacts that I'm practically blind without.  Still, this guy makes me feel good about myself for something every non-baby human can do.  I found the whole experience an interesting anecdote about the power sincere praise has to make someone else's day better.

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