Monday, April 14, 2014

An Ominous Bike Ride

I'll finish up my series on my 10 year life plan soon.

Oregon's had an amazing run of good weather lately.  There is nothing like spring in Oregon after months of rain.  Today I took advantage and road my bike to school, a 7 mile jaunt through hops fields and vineyards.  On a clear day, like today was, I can see three of the Cascades, Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Adams.

Unfortunately, the road has narrow shoulders and the traffic goes pretty fast, so I'm always a little anxious riding.  As a bicyclist you're at the mercy of drivers.  99.9% are fantastic, but it just takes one idiot and it's lights out.

I was sadly reminded of this when I rolled up to a busy intersection, one I usually drive through every day, to find a van flipped over, and two pick ups smashed.  One belonged to a co-worker of mine who I think, is alright.  Other people I saw wheeled off to ambulances.  Hopefully everyone is ok.

Nonetheless, after school I bravely got back on my bike.  As I started to pedal, I noticed a little piece of paper stuck to the bottom of the frame.  It almost wasn't visible.  Stopping to grab it, I found this:

Displaying 20140414_212037.jpg
"You Died, Go Back to Start"
That creepy yellow piece of paper, well... creeped me out.  I realized quickly it was from a student's game they had made, but still.  

I made it home in one piece.  The worst thing that happened to me is I have a sore throat.  

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