Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Dog Hates the Vacuum and Loves the Lawn Mower

My dog proves the truth to many cliches.  Take the vacuum cleaner, he hates it.  It scares him senseless.  Ironically he's the reason it's out so much.  I've told him repeatedly that if he'd stop shedding, he'd almost never see the vacuum, yet my words go unheeded.

Winston is scared of most loud things.  My leaf blower for example.  But there is one he loves.  The lawnmower.  Yes, the one machine that can actually cause him harm he thinks is the greatest thing on earth.   When I roll the lawnmower out, he stops sniffing whatever he's sniffing and starts sprinting back and forth as fast as he can.  This is the kind of behavior he only exhibits around other dogs he likes, or when I or my girlfriend come home from work.

Surely, you exclaim, once you start the mower he runs away.  You're wrong!  He sprints back and forth the entire 15 minutes it takes me to mow the lawn.  Totally fearless, he zings past my lawn mower like Tom Cruise buzzing the tower in Top Gun.   

One one of my dog's many similarities to Tom Cruise.

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