Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Some Days

Some days I feel like a good teacher, and then there are days like Monday. Even the best laid plans go awry, and so they did. A primary source reading on Machiavelli that I thought would be awesome drew blank stares. I copied the wrong map for my Renaissance simulation. And I sadly came to realize that while I'm not yet ready for the end of the school year, many of my students are.

The great thing about teaching (and life), is that each day is a new day. A bad day used to make me despondent, but now I know there is always tomorrow. In honor of my slightly naughty students, I have prepared my list of top things that I'm wishing for this summer.

Things I Wish for Summer:

  1. That George R. R. Martin will hurry up and publish the Winds of Winter. I devoured books one through five of A Song of Ice and Fire (otherwise known as Game of Thrones to HBO viewers), and love the amazing detailed and dark world he created.
  2. That my current regime of eating healthy and moderate exercise will have me end up looking like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.
  3. 2A. That I grow the ability to make claws stick out of my hands too
  4. That the Tom Cruise movie Edge of Tomorrow is actually as awesome as the trailers look, and not lame like Mission Impossible II. And I really hope Tom Cruise isn't sprinting in it. He's always sprinting.
  5. That I actually write a book and it becomes as famous as The Fault In Our Stars by my hero John Green.
  6. That my dog learns how to tug on a rope on command, so I can tie it around the refrigerator. Then I will teach him to bring me beer.
Please, leave another suggestion for me. Summer is coming.

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