Sunday, May 18, 2008

Use or Be Used

I like to listen to the Rich Life on KXL 750. It's a money show, but not your typical one. Its tag line; "accumulating wealth and developing a lifestyle rich in the things money can't buy," highlights the show's bottom line: Money exists to make your life better. Your life doesn't exist for money.

Big words from a guy whose life revolves around money, it's easy to say that when you're loaded right? Well, he gave me a reason to believe his sincerity with some of the most spontaneous and unusual talk radio I've heard.

Towards the end of a segment about markets and investment's the host said "Money isn't important," followed by a long pause. I waited for a commercial, or for him to continue, but he didn't. I wondered what was happening. Then he came back on, in a choked up voice. "Money doesn't matter," he said again.

Fighting through tears, he recounted the story of a friend who had died unexpectedly of a heart attack. Even though the whole purpose of his show is money, he continued, that ultimately doesn't matter. In the blink of an eye your life could be over. He ended with "money, stocks, and all that, it's all crap." and then off to commercial.

Wow. You can hear the preacher tell it but you know its real coming from a man who makes his living selling financial advice. "It's all crap." Not a great way to convince people to buy mutual funds.

I say "amen." It's very true. In the end little does matter, least of all your bank account.

In honor of the Rich Life and its straight talking host I have compiled a top five* list of things that do matter in life:
  1. Family: No matter what else happens they're still blood and that makes them unique.
  2. Friends: God's greatest gift to us.
  3. Faith: Something bigger than us, our hope for tomorrow.
  4. Making a Difference Where you Can: Each of us can help in our own way. Leave the world better than how you found it.
  5. Living Life to the Fullest: Laughing, loving, traveling, giving, experiencing- all the things that make life good!

*I tried to make a top ten list but found it too difficult.


Anonymous said...

I think music can def be in a top ten list. Music is often a scrap book of your memories. There have been numerous times I hear a song and have rush of memories good, bad, and in between.

Mr. L said...

Good point. Music like nothing else can affect mood and emotions. There's something in it that can really stir you, for better or for worst.

Everytime I hear "Waterfalls" by TLC or "Don't Let The Water Run Dry" by Boyz II Men I am immediately transported back to 6th grade, when those were the two coolest songs out there!

Oregoncornhusker said...

"Were" the coolest songs out there?

Hmmm, I think someone has a tense problem.