Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Tide Has Turned (Why I'm a D)

I got my Democratic Ballot in the mail recently, first one I've ever recieved. Up until last month I had been a Republican all my life. I remember sitting up late with my dad in 2000, watching networks call Florida for Gore, then Bush, and then toasting to his victory. How much has changed since then!
Republicans have recently lost three special Congressional elections in districts they had controlled for years, the most recently in heavily conservative Mississippi.
What's behind the change? Lets look at what the typical conservative cares about:
  • Fiscal responsibility and a balanced budget
  • Ethical and moral behavior from elected officials
  • A strong military
  • Anti-abortion

After 7 years of Bush, including 4 with a Republican-controlled Congress we have:

  • Historic budget deficiets and embarassing pork-barrel spending like Sen. Ted Stevens' Bridge to Nowhere.
  • Scandal everywhere you look: Cheney's office outing an undercover CIA agent for questioning Iraq intelligence. Florida Rep Mark Foley diddling interns. Dirty money. Ethics scandals.
  • Our blood and treasure is being drained daily in Iraq.
  • And abortion is still happening!

Not to mention Republican's failure to wean us from foreign oil has enriched our enemies like Venezuela while resulting in sky-rocketing gas prices.

Nor the fact that Republicans have stood in the way of protecting our environment for years.

We gave them power and they abused it. Look where we are now. If the God-fearing people of Mississippi are willing to throw in their lot with the Democratics, far left wackos included, 2008 will not be a good year for the Republican Party.

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Oregoncornhusker said...

Did you go to the 75,000 person Obama rally in PDX? Holy smokes, that's unreal.

The three special elections sure have been eye-openers. Wow. If it's any indication of the fall then the Dems may have 70 or 80 votes to spare in the House come next January.

My parents caught Obama in Pendleton tonight, did your pops go?