Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Election Day, When Shoveling Poop Matters

It's Oregon's primary election day. The day when citizens vote to elect leaders to represent them in government. In theory.

Oregon has closed primaries, which are the worst way possible to elect our someone that really represents his/her constituency. But that's a blog post for later.

I hate our closed primaries, because as a registered Democrat I can not vote for this man

Public service at its finest
This is Vic Gilliam, the state representative for my area. I like him for two reasons aside from his moderate voting record.

1.)  He shovels poop at the end of the Silverton Pet Parade, which shows he doesn't take himself too seriously.
2.)  He responds to every single letter my students have ever sent him.  Which shows he cares about what his constituents, even the youngest of them, have to say.   

Do you have a local politician this cool? If so, please share. 

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