Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cliches Exist for a Reason

Cliches become cliches because we use them too much.  A quick Google search of common cliches gives me a few of the following

  1. Actions speak louder than words
  2. The grass is always greener on the other side
  3. There's no time like the present
Gambit.  Not cliche.  Dude is original.
You hear them so often they lose their power  But there is truth to them, as I've recently found that out with this well-used motto/cliche "Just Do It."  I've been bombarded with this message since I could read.  I've paid a premium to wear it across my chest and on my feet.  Yet, in practice I rarely "Just Do It."

I plan it.  I write goals  I dream it.  But doing it?  Doing it is hard.  I suppose this proves the truth to "Actions speak louder than words."

Example: One goal of mine has always been to be more physically fit.  When I see pictures of myself in high school and college when I was an athlete I'm suprised at how fit I look and immediately look down to admire my figure.  It's then I find the belly I've grown.  Once clearly defined abs have turned into a little blob.  It makes for a depressing then-and-now juxtaposition.  Luckily, depending on how my stomach rolls on itself when I sit, sometimes the creases do appear like a six pack.

I intended to get in shape.  I have for years.  Nearly every day this school year I set my alarm 30 minutes early so I could work out.  And nearly every day this year I hit snooze.  I wanted it, just not enough to do anything about it.

A very unflattering mirror-lighting combo in a G.H. Bass changing room provided the catalyst I needed.  The mix of disgust and anger I felt looking at my pudgy self pushed me from wanting it to doing it.  I stopped hitting the snooze button, and got up early to run and lift.  I changed my diet, loading up on fruits and vegetables, and giving up processed sugar.  Same goes for fast food.  In a short two weeks I've slimmed down noticeably and have had way more energy. My mood has improved, my stamina has increased, and as my belly recedes I can almost make out an abdominal muscle or two.

More than anything, it feels great to accomplish something I've been wanting for so long.  And looking back, the part of this that seems so strange to me is this: the only thing getting in my way was me.  Our own inaction obstructs so many of our goals.  Nike knew what they were saying.

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