Monday, March 17, 2014

Keeping the Ship on Course

Every now and then I navigate back to this blog, which has been discarded and is bobbing aimlessly like a 2 liter pop bottle in the ocean.  I'm sure there is some depressing stat out there for blogs like there is for small businesses, "9 out of every 10 new blogs will fail and be forgotten by their authors."

So it goes with this blog.  I once aspired that this blog would achieve greatness.  I read blogs about great blogs

I am smack in the middle of life.  Frankly, it's quite good.  Job?  Good.  Finances?  In order.   Dog?  Love him, my best investment ever.

It's all going so fast, so smooth, so comfortable.

Sometimes I marvel at my life in North America.  I teach history every day, and read it for fun.  The story of man is violent and filled with plague, famine, war and death.  And yet somehow I'm living inside this remarkably peaceful and prosperous place known as the United States.

I try to appreciate it.  My favorite thing to do?  Take my dog to the Silverton Resevoir.  It's only five minutes away, and at this time of year when I go I feel I have the place to myself.  I'm not sure that even if I had a billion dollars I could find more satisfaction than tossing the ball into the water and watching my dog go and get it.

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