Monday, June 16, 2008

On the Road

Life’s More Real is on the road. School wrapped up yesterday. Desks were scrubbed, posters taken down and good-byes said. I won’t see kids or co-workers until next August. Thursday was the school picnic, where I raised an astounding $75 in 15 minutes in the dunk tank. I wasn’t sure to be complimented or insulted at the line of kids lining up to dunk me. In either case, after one year of teaching I am happy to say that IT IS AWESOME. Strange as it sounds, I’m almost as excited for next year as I am for the summer.
For the next week I’m going to be on the road with my old man. We are traveling in ultimate $150 barrel of oil style. My dad has a 2000 Echo that got 42.11 MPG on our last fill-up. Not only does it look cool, we’ve managed to fit two fishing poles, a tackle box, football, tennis rackets, a chess set and full sized cooler inside with our bags. Even better is the feeling of self-righteousness we get making fun of all the tools tooling around in their huge S.U.V.’s. As far as I’m concerned driving an Expedition is like writing “I am stupid” on your forehead.
We spent Sunday in Grants Pass with my grandpa for Father’s Day. We celebrated by going to Tubby’s, my grandpa’s favorite greasy spoon joint. It was full of seniors drawn to it by the free coffee for people 55+. The cuisine seemed designed to make the diners there tubby as well. Greasy bacon, greasy eggs, greasy fruit even. If you are under 55, I do not recommend Tubby's. If 55+ go for the coffee.

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