Saturday, May 26, 2012


Saturdays.  Easily one of my top ten favorite things in life.

My Saturday mornings follow a wonderful routine.

First, I go to garage sales.  Today's haul:

  • A vase for $5.  Before you judge me, understand that his vase is awesome.  And very possibly manly.    Earthhued and etched with grapes, it resembles something a Roman farmer would have stored wine in the ancient days of the Roman Republic. I put an iris in it.  Epic.  Manly.  Vase. 
  • A pair of white shorts for $1.  I needed a pair.  I paid $30 for my last pair.  I saved $29!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  ARE YOU NOT AMAZED?!
  • A ball of twine for 25 cents.  This was a mistake I regretted immediately.  My friend asked me if I used twine for my garden (I do).  But this twine is much too delicate for my garden.
Next, Farmer's Market.  This time of year you find lots of greens, potatoes, and beets.  I buy kale because I heard it's good for me.  I have not yet independently verified this, but still I buy it every week.  Blindly.  For some odd reason, Kale seems to be water resistant.  Serious.  Water beads up on it and runs off.  Try it out for yourself and see.  You can wear kale in a windstorm.

I then blend it, with an apple, some yogurt, blueberries, and this week, strawberries.  The resulting drink is very green and somewhat chunky.  It makes my teeth look like I just made out with the Seaweed Monster, but I feel my life expectancy growing as I drink it.

This week I also splurged.  Artisan bread from the local baker for $6.  3.5 lbs of free range chicken for $14.   The bread is spendy.  The chicken competitive with what you can find in the grocery stores.  

An added bonus, the money I spend each Saturday--about $30-$50 a week--goes out of my pocket and right into my neighbors.  I'd rather them have it than anyone else.  No big box or grocery store middleman.

Garage sales and farmers market.  All very fun.  All very social in my small town.  I save a ridiculous amount at garage sales.  I spend just a little more than I would at the grocery market, often less for some items, and good food that I know is quality, local and fresh.  Not a bad way to spend a Saturday.

 Picture Above: Manly Vase

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