Monday, April 9, 2012

Direct TV: Cancelled. Life: Resumed.

On Friday I took a deep breath and made the call that has changed my left.  I cancelled Direct TV.

Actually, to avoid a cancellation fee of $160 I suspended Direct TV until September, which happens to coincide with the start of college football season . I will not be a martyr for this cause.

The benefits are already apparent.  In place of Family Guy, I've found time to cook.  The crock pot never ceases to amaze me.  You put ingredients in, season to taste, and the crock pot cooks it for you overnight into something delicious.  It borders on magical.  And begs you to be bold.  As I write, an odd mixture of sweet potato, potato, celery, carrot, apple, beans, cinnamon, honey, cayenne pepper and sour cream sits simmering.  While I sleep, it will transform into.... something.

Also today, I made a salsa I heard about while listening to The Splendid Table.  Sort of.  Tomato, pineapple, garlic, onion and spices simmered down into a delicious sweet and spicy mix.  

Instead of Sportscenter, I tried to chip golf balls into the raised garden beds I built, but haven't yet filled.  It was nice outside. It smelled like flowers.  And somewhere in the neighborhood someone was barbecuing.  And the whole time, my TV was black.

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